Stop the bus. I want to get off.

Every have that discombobulating sense when you are bouncing from one thing to another? Welcome to my summer. Please understand – I’m not complaining. I have been beyond blessed to have a lot of work, travel a great deal, and spend great time with family and friends. However, I need some routine back in my life. Yes, I want a break from my break.

This seems odd and somewhat paradoxical, but I know my anxiety level is higher during the summer … when on vacation. Though hard to explain, I feel it on a cellular level. If experience is the best teacher, I am learning a lot about the behavior of the children with whom I am charged for caring, many of whom have little-to-no predictable routines in their lives.

My second born, Micah, worked again at Splashtown this summer. It’s amazing what that small consistent ritual has afforded him. He is a different child when he has a schedule. Of course, the same holds true for his father, as well.

I hope you are enjoying your summer and whatever break it may be affording you. I, for one, am ready to dive back into my regular routine, and feel certain it will have quite the positive impact on my behavior.