It was a week of extremes for me. Highs and lows – we all have them. Pulling a muscle in my lower back wasn’t pleasant. I discovered how interconnected our bodies are. Yes – when one part suffers, the whole system suffers. [This is a good inspiration for another post.] We also had home-project-contracted-work drama that was emotionally draining.
Luckily, things balanced out with some high points, as well. I experienced the healing power of physical therapy. I will be going for regular treatments on my back and shoulder. Turns out I have a weak core. [Mental note: Inspiration #2 for a future post.] Additionally, it looks as if the contract work drama is resolving. And to top off the week – It’s Father’s Day.
As I usually do on this day each year, I smiled when I put on my tie for church. It’s the one I usually wear on Father’s Day, as it was a gift from my boys many moons ago. Amazing how all the negative stuff that happened during the week falls right out of my brain when I focus on just one good thing.
Today I’m reminded of an important behavioral principle I talk about in my body of work: Attention magnifies behavior. There is power in attention, and unfortunately, many of us feed and fuel the negative – which sucks the life right out of us. So starting today let’s make a more conscious effort to attend to, and thus magnify, all the things in our lives for which we are grateful. For me, it’s my faith, family, friends, health, and work. Yes indeed, my bucket is full. I just need to look inside it more often to celebrate that fact.
Happy Father’s Day.