Ever need a break? Tensions get high and we look for an escape – a place to step away and feel solid ground beneath our feet. We’ve all been there, having experienced stress brought on by family members, co-workers, kids, and of course, life situations.

The St. Romain household welcomed family refugees over the weekend, courtesy of Hurricane Delta. It seems like just yesterday they were with us escaping Hurricane Laura. Thankfully, this storm passed with minimal damage, but I know the stress and anticipation of what could have happened loomed heavily on my family’s minds.

My sister thanked us for everything when she left. I told her we really didn’t do anything, but apparently, that wasn’t the point. “It’s just good to know we have a place to ride the storm out. You’re here and that’s enough.”

I need to remember that. We don’t always have to fix things. Sometimes it’s just about being there for someone else. Lord knows I didn’t heed this advice when I was working daily with kids. I continually heard critical voices in my head telling me I needed to do more for them.

Perhaps a good lesson for now is to remember that at times our grounding positive daily presence in the lives of others is enough. You never know when you are the shelter in someone else’s storm, so take comfort in owning that roll.

Have a good week.