Earlier this week I found myself humming the theme song of a sitcom from my childhood.  Once I realized I was doing so, all became clear.  Remember “Gimme a Break!”?   I believe I was unconsciously serenading 2021, but to no avail.  It seems the new year placed another challenge on the St. Romain’s doorstep.  Literally.

Welcome to the family, Fiona.  If you read my post from last week you know we assumed our new kitten had a rough start to her young life.  This thought was confirmed when our vet told us she tested positive for feline leukemia.  And as best we can understand it, some cats beat the virus, and some viruses beat the cat.  Doc said time will tell, as it really can go either way.

We can’t help but wonder how long Fiona will be with us.  It doesn’t look good.  We hate to think this way – but her glands are getting larger; her wounds aren’t healing like we hoped; and she often runs a fever.  The good news is that Fiona doesn’t appear to worry like we do.  She just seems to savor the moment and live in a place of kitty joy and wonder. 

Sometimes the best you can do…is the best you can do.  Of course, we often think about what is to come, but when you obsess over concerns of the future you miss out on the blessings of now.  We love our little furry friend to the moon and back.  And every night when she curls up next to us in bed, we are reminded to appreciate the present and enjoy our time with her – be that for a few months or many years to come.