Did you know the brain remembers beginnings and endings? The start and end of something capitalizes on novelty, which the brain attends to and better retains. If you have yet to finish the school year, you may want to use this tidbit to your teaching advantage.

When I was at the store yesterday, I passed by a frantic teacher looking for small gifts to give her students. I assume it was her husband who asked her what specifically she wanted. “Anything…but I need 23 of them,” she muttered. He offered two ideas that were quickly shot down. All three of us were smiling by the time I left the isle. That got me to thinking about good parting gift options from teachers. Perhaps, the best presents we can give our students as the year ends, is simply our presence.

We have all made varying degrees of good and bad impressions throughout the year. However, in my opinion, our final ones are the most significant. I believe it is our calm, reassuring and positive presence, more than any token, our students will remember long after they have left our classroom for summer break. As this year’s chapter comes to a close, I hope yours is one that ends on a positive note.