Behavior always seems to cycle around eventually. Even if this isnt true, it helps me sleep better. We have all encountered the difficult behaviors of both children and adults alike. Knowing behavior occurs in a relationship, some models liken interactions to that of a ping-pong or tennis match. The harder you hit the object, the more likely it comes back to you with increased force and Im thinking people are more likely to use great amounts of force when playing this behavioral game called life during the stressful holiday season.

I have seen hints of behavioral karma this past week on my flights. One poor Blimpie employee suffered through quite the loud verbal rant from some customer who received the wrong order. The manner in which the feedback was given was somewhat over the top, given the simple mistake. Having said this, I watched as the employee remade the sandwich. Lets just say I wouldnt have eaten it. A disgruntled sandwich maker has a great deal of powerjust sayin.
On a happy note, I struck up quite the discussion and bonded with a flight attendant as I headed through security on my way to Virginia this week. Turned out, the flight attendant was working on my flight. I was quite surprised at the end of the flight when she pulled me aside to give me an early Christmas present to add to my carryon. Surprisingly, I was able to make room in my luggage for it. Unfortunately (for me), I got in at midnight and flew out the next day, so I passed on that bottle of wine as a door prize to a grateful participant.
Pay it forward. Thats my motto. Even if it doesnt come back to you Its just the right thing to do. Happy Holidays.