dan st. romain

Dan is a national educational consultant who provides staff development and consultative services to educators K-12.


For Better Or Worse

“How long have you and your wife been married?” I was asked.  “29 years as of Sunday” was my response.  Since that question was posed to me earlier this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships.  Specifically, I’ve wondered how some relationships stay strong...

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Direct Your Focus

Have you experienced brain overload? It’s not pleasant. It happens when we are attending to many pressing needs. The brain has a limited capacity for focus, so when our plates are full - or overflowing - we mentally bounce from one issue to the next like unruly...

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Look Inward

Do you present on mindfulness? resiliency? self-regulation? empathy? These are common questions I’m often asked, and my answer is usually the same, “Yes…ish.” Although I don’t tackle the issues directly, I do address the underlying concern. The topics requested all...

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Out of the Trenches

My perspective is my reality, which is often the source of my problems.  Of course, I’m very good at seeing things my way.  I’ve had over 50 years of practice doing so.  Unfortunately, I forget the same holds true for others.  Differing perspectives, without some...

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Happy Fathers’ Day – All Fathers

“What do you want to be when grow up?” Apparently, my answer was always the same. “I want to be a dad.” This is what my mom told me I said when I was young - and it doesn’t surprise me at all. For as long as I can remember I wanted a large family. Four boys and many...

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Attending to Gratitude

Ever have a bad week?  That pretty much describes my recent history.  A lot of negatives took up residence in my headspace.  I was a grumpy monkey.  And I’m confident that since I didn’t enjoy the experience, others probably didn’t find my disposition that pleasant...

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Don’t Delay. Step Away.

For most, school’s out for summer.  Was that a collective sigh of relief, I heard?  Yes - now is the time for educators to take a well-deserved break from school, paperwork, students, and the administrative duties that often overwhelm and consume us.  Summer's gift is...

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Positive Collective Memories

As another school year ends, now is a great time for educators to celebrate successes.  However, the problem with doing so is that we don’t always see the results of our labor right away.  Oftentimes our efforts are laying a foundation or simply adding to the work of...

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Lost in Space

Teachers, the winds of change are blowing, ushering in summer and all manner of crazy and challenging behaviors. Though our students might not be able to articulate it in words, they sense the upcoming changes and are reacting as expected. Routines help ground us....

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