You might have noticed I did not post a blog the past two weeks. Sorry – this was not my intent. Facebook updated a page and I was locked out of my business account until yesterday. Adding to this obstacle, we have been on our annual vacation in Galveston, Texas, where internet coverage has been spotty. Happily, I’m returning home today with a fresh perspective.

Social distancing took on a whole new meaning for us during the trip. Not only did our family physically separate from others more than usual, we were also out of the communication loop with regard to news of current events. Although it was unsettling at first, being cut off from the world forced me to live in the moment, which for me, is hard to do.

Some people obsess on the future, targeting dates for happiness once some event has passed. “When this school year ends – When this bill gets paid off – When our kids get out of college – then we will…” We fail to enjoy the present, because mentally, we live in the future.

Others live in the past. We hang on to our own failures or that of others, keeping score, assuming the worst and failing to clean the slate. “I can’t believe she did that.” “I’ve never been able to…” Unfortunately, obsessing on past memories, grudges and other negative history robs us of enjoying the present.

I’m returning home feeling very rested both physically and mentally. I believe this is because my behavior has been based mostly on what has been right in front of me, rather than on future or past events. Granted, this occurred because of forced seclusion – but the result was positive all the same.

Want to be your best behavioral self? Carpe Diem. Carve out time each day to shut out the outside world and live in present. It’s a freeing experience, and one I highly recommend.