It was just one of the numerous comments I heard from teachers throughout the week about nature’s perfect storm: “If we make it out alive, I think we should get combat pay for having to teach on Friday the thirteenth during a full moon.”   In addition to discussions, Facebook memes stirred up a hyper-focus on the escalated behaviors kids were sure to exhibit.  Not surprisingly, many students lived up to the expectation.

Though I’m certain we joke about these things to relieve stress, we need to keep in mind the power of attention.  When we focus on something, we magnify it, making it larger. Unfortunately, adults’ words, body language, and emotional states often radiate the very behaviors we don’t want our children to mirror.

We all know people who stir up drama in the school setting.  [Often times, I don’t believe the individuals are even aware they are doing so.  Because they surround themselves with drama, that becomes their norm.]  We also know grounded educators who avoid the drama, contributing to a healthy school climate.  My suggestion?  Step away from crazy and choose the calm.  Not only will this help you stay sane, but it will help your students do the same in the process. 

…Or as my wife so eloquently put it:

“If you feed the weeds, they will grow.  So, tend your garden wisely.”