dan st. romain

Cultivating Character in Kids
Extension Course

I loved this course! I loved that we could work through it at our own pace! I enjoyed that sessions were recorded and we could go back and watch them again. I really liked the book suggestions and activity ideas. It was helpful that each lesson was only 20 minutes long and didn’t take hours to do. I found this very helpful and useful! Thank you!!!

Lena P.
Speech-Language Pathologist
Sargent, NE

Have you completed the Cultivating Character in Kids Course?  If so, you clicked on the perfect link.  This extension course is designed for you.  When you worked through the content in the course the first time, you got good ideas for teaching isolated lessons and concepts.  However, if you continue on this path and do so a second time, not only will you gain a much deeper understanding of information, but you will better see how all the content fits together.

How it works:
Registered participants will work together in a group format August through May implementing the content utilizing a consistent yearly schedule.  By doing so, Dan will be better able to provide specific ongoing support and recommendations.

This course is available to any individuals who completes the original Cultivating Character in Kids course by July 31, 2022. Registered participants will receive 12 months of extended access to the course videos and Zoom sessions, as well as many additional course benefits:

      • Regular emails of reminders and suggestions as lessons are taught
      • Dan’s List of 100 More Favorite Books for Teaching Behavioral Skills
      • More detailed skill specific book recommendations
      • Book summary notes to send home to parents
      • Tips for working with parents so implementation continues in the home setting
      • Suggestions for an End-of-Year Parent Performance
      • 10% discount on store songs, lessons and accompanying Juan Pablo books

Course Bonus:
For this first year Dan rolls out the Cultivating Character in Kids Extension Course, he is adding a special bonus.  Registered participants will be signed up for and receive access to his newest course coming out this fall, Teach Skills and Break Habits.  This class complements the content in Cultivating Character in Kids, helping teachers understand the best ways to strengthen positive behaviors in students.  However, in this new body of work, Dan highlights specific ways teachers can move away from reward and punishment-based systems towards a model of shaping behavior through skill development.

Extension Course Cost:
$125.00 Per Participant