Cultivating Character in Kids Testimonials

I really enjoyed this course and have shared it with other educators because I think these skills are so important for students to learn! Dan was quick with responses and helpful suggestions. The format was easy to follow and the time it took to go through the sections were kept to a short time frame to make it manageable. The course really transformed my classroom. As a special education teacher, I often had the students who were behaviorally challenged in my room. Using the strategies from the course, we had less behavioral outbursts and students learned what it meant to be a good student and a good person. This was an excellent course and I can’t wait to use it year after year!

Jenna B.
Special Education Teacher
Gooding, ID


I felt as though this course was a blessing to me… especially this year. I had many challenging situations arise and there was a lesson for each.  I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed each lesson. It’s amazing how they work in the cafeteria, on the playground, in the hallway, etc. The wealth of information presented was incredible!!!

Wendy S.
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Bryan, TX

I truly feel like I have a whole new set of tools and strategies to add to my toolbox. I absolutely love the interactive lessons.  The children have responded so well to these strategies and love learning the new ones.  The course definitely met my expectations.

Dawn K.
Behavior Support Teacher
Bloomsburg, PA

Dan knows his stuff and his audience. This course is very teacher friendly, well laid out and has made a difference in how I’m handling the big emotions I’m seeing much more in my classroom these days.

Annette B.
Lead Primary Teacher
Cincinnati, OH

It has been an excellent course! The strategies were clear and simple to apply and the children internalize them easily.  I really liked the support we received throughout the school year. Discussing the themes monthly kept it engaging and refreshing. The course was personalized, and I felt known and heard. My questions were answered and I knew I could contact Dan if I needed any help.

Alexandra S.
Montessori Primary Teacher
Denver, CO

This was right up my alley!!! Using the phrases, examples and gestures throughout the school year strengthened behavior in my classroom. I hope to take the next course.

Sally H.
Kindergarten Teacher
The Woodlands, TX

Dan’s body of work is so applicable and needed for children today. They are developing in a world with many challenges that hamper social-emotional and character development. Implementing and seeing the results of this course has exceeded my expectations.

Julie B.
Preschool Director
Lafayette, LA