For most, school’s out for summer.  Was that a collective sigh of relief, I heard?  Yes – now is the time for educators to take a well-deserved break from school, paperwork, students, and the administrative duties that often overwhelm and consume us.  Summer’s gift is our chance to step away and disconnect.

Of course, the “yin” of disconnecting from work comes with the “yang” of connecting with something else.  The question is, “to what will we connect?”  A good book?  Different work?  A relationship?  We only need to look at how we spend our time for this question to be answered.  However you make the change, don’t delay the start of it too long.

If you are like me, you live in a perpetual state of “getting one more thing done” before switching gears.  Our intentions are good, but our actions hold us hostage in a place of rest procrastination.  “I just need to… and then I’ll…”  This is a dangerous habit, for when we focus on the future, the present passes us by.

Carpe Diem.  Live in the moment and make the most of your summer break while you have it.  Binge-watch a series, hang out with family and friends, garden, clean (my personal favorite) – whatever your preference, step away from the typical work stress you encounter during the school year and give your brain and body a mental and physical break.  Trust me; come back-to-school time in August, you will be thankful you did.