I believe too often we underestimate the power of our presence.  This weekend I was reminded that just as a person can get a feel for the climate of a room by walking into it, so too can one change the climate by doing the same. 

I spent the last two days at the California Kindergarten Conference in Santa Clara with about 800 educators from around the state and beyond.  There was an exceedingly positive and frenetic energy throughout the entire building.  I’m certain part of the buzz came from the die-hard 49er fans who overtook our hotel for the nearby playoff game, but it was the conference-goers who most impacted my affect.

Participants were very gracious with feedback, but their presence spoke louder than the words.  I was on brain-overload from back-to-back conferences, traveling, writing deadlines, school tasks and home projects, but all those issues completely melted away when I interacted with others.  I couldn’t stop smiling, making eye contact, or being in anything but a fantastic mood – thanks to emotional state of everyone around me.

So too did I notice how my tone and energy impacted others.  With one look, pause, gesture or nod, I could shift a person’s emotional state.  Like the football game being played close by, the give-and-take of our interchanges mutually dictated outcomes.

We all make a difference – not just with our words, but more so, with our presence.  Want to positively impact the behavior of people around you?  Don’t let others dictate your emotional state.  Focus on being the climate shifter.  Your body language, facial expressions, eye contact and energy have a profound impact on others.  Use your power for good.  I’m convinced it’s a winning move.

PS – Huge thanks to the entire CKA committee for running a conference that could rival any national effort.  [Meredith was my personal hero and Palma exudes lovely ambiance out of every pore of her being.]  The event was nothing short of amazing.