On Friday, our governor announced mandatory school closings for the remainder of the year – at which time the reality of our current situation slapped me in the face. “Everything has changed,” I thought – and people are scrambling.

This point was further driven home yesterday when I saw over thirty vehicles with their hazards flashing in line on an otherwise deserted thoroughfare. It wasn’t until I passed the front car that I realized they were all waiting to get to the drive-through window at a daiquiri shop. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess.

Change is hard because it disrupts our normal routines – which we need for sanity. Initially, we ride the wave of novelty change brings, but if the interruption continues, people begin to look for new norms and new routines in which to settle – which brings me to my point.

New beginnings afford us the opportunity to press “reset” and evaluate. My new norm is going to include more virtual teaching, writing, time spent cooking with my wife, walking the dog, talking with neighbors, and gardening. I’m going to proactively embrace the change so I’m not reactively allowing the chaos to define my new normal.

Take some time and think about what aspects of the last month have been good for you and make them part of your new routine. As I often remind myself, “There are many things I can’t control, but my perspective and attitude are not among them.” Be safe. Be grateful. Look for the good. And to the extent possible, embrace the opportunities change brings.