Feelin’ the love? Or do you sometimes lose focus on those aspects of your job you actually do love? I remembered the love on Friday at our school. You see, each year parents mail valentines to our school for their children. Then, I dress up as postal worker, going from class to class, calling up kindergarteners to receive their parent’s special card. When all is said and done, I’ve passed out about 300 valentines, am exhausted, and completely filled with the spirit of the day.

Though I have been upholding this tradition for the past 13 years, I almost missed out this time. Last spring, I was asked to present a workshop on Friday, and I almost took the work. At the time, my brain was reminding me I have four boys to put through college, but my heart was telling me not to miss this magical day. Of course, I turned down the work, and am grateful I was able to make my deliveries.

Around this time of year it is easy to “lose that lovin’ feeling.” My hope is that you find some aspect of your work you love and focus on it. It might be just the thing you need to survive the slow trek toward Spring Break. Happy Valentine’s Day.