Do you ever overthink things? I do – and too often the mental clutter I create escalates my behavior. I do it to myself by focusing on my challenges. And I’ve discovered my mental habits are just as hard to break as my physical ones.

My wife and I spent the week in Columbus, Ohio helping a close friend move to a beautiful area called German Village. In her strategic attempt to declutter, simplify and downsize, she would often pick up an object about to be packed and say, “Do I really need you in my life?” What a great question, I thought.

Too often I take for granted blessings in my life like health, family, friends, and work. Instead, my brain obsesses on all the things I want to change. And when I get into the habit of focusing on the things I want, I miss out on being thankful for the things I need and have. Perhaps it is time for me to declutter, simplify and downsize my thought process.

We all have blessings and we all have challenges. This Thanksgiving week I hope you are able to consciously focus on your many blessings, rather than feeling overwhelmed by the challenges you face. I also pray you are able to get into a healthy thought habit of doing this once the week has passed. I, for one, will do my best to practice what I preach.

Happy Thanksgiving.