Dont worry; be happy. This might sound good in theory, but it is quite hard to practice in my life. I have discovered stress triggers nasty behaviors in me. Then I obsess, and my misbehavior multiplies. Don’t get me wrong, a bit of stress is normal, but in excess, it can become debilitating.

Today, my third born announced he gave his two-week notice to his employer because he wants to work at a bank where he can get experience in his major, business finance. “Wouldn’t it seem important to secure a new job before quitting the old one?” I inquired. This line of reasoning was lost on him, but on I persisted. I focused on my out-of-work son, rather than the fact he is in college and has saved most of his earnings from his current job. “It will be fine,” he said. And indeed, it will.

My youngest son also has the “don’t worry” gene. Though in high school, he has the joy and wonder of a five-year old. He stays optimistic and doesn’t dwell on things that bring him down. He helped me finish a video story about being a good friend for the students at our school yesterday, and once again, indirectly reminded me, “all will be well”.

Want to have a positive impact on your own behavior and that of others? Remember, life is a mixed bag of joys and concerns. Choose to focus on the parts for which you are thankful. Just as stress has a way of spreading when we obsess over it, I believe the same holds true with regard to our blessings. Focus on the good parts, and they too will multiply.

PS: Here’s the link to Max’s new lesson: