How was your Thanksgiving week? For me, it was priceless. I spent time with my family, truly stepped away from work tasks, and got some much needed rest. It was like pressing the reset button on my emotional and physical health meter.

I’m guessing many of you can relate – getting overwhelmed by the swimming marathon of never-ending daily tasks. We dive in and come up for air on an “as needed” basis. It is easy for this to happen when we are passionate about our work. The work becomes the Northern Star on which we focus – until, of course, we have a holiday forcing us to re-evaluate priorities.

Teachers, you have a few short weeks before once again stepping away for the winter break. I challenge you to keep a healthy work-home balance, holding this holiday week in your memory. This does not mean you have to neglect your work or students in any way. It simply means giving yourself permission to allow your family, friends and the holiday season to be the Northern Star on which you focus. The perspective shift may be small, but if my intuition is correct, the payoff will be great.