I grew up in Lake Charles, Louisiana, on Cusic – a small street tucked right next to McNeese State University. My bike and I had many adventures on that road. So, when I saw an image of that specific downed street sign circulating through Facebook, I was taken aback.

Hurricane Laura has now been added to the list of 2020 challenges – along with COVID-19, racial division, devastating fires in California, the polarity of political division, the economy, and virtual education efforts to name a few. Ah, but there are signs of hope everywhere.

Ever heard of the Cajun Navy? It’s a group of volunteer individuals who swoop in when disasters hit to help with recovery. I was encouraged when I saw them being featured in a news story about relief efforts in South Louisiana – ordinary people doing selfless deeds and making a difference in the process. Of course, they aren’t the only ones. Heroes come in many forms.

When challenges arise there always seem to be people ready to step up and offer support – healthcare workers, firefighters, mental health professionals, police officers – and on Tuesday, with face-to-face teaching kicking back up for most of the schools in our area, educators are rightly being added to our list of amazing frontline workers.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by all the obstacles we face, but I believe the more we can find individual ways to help out, the quicker we will move to a better place. We are all frontline workers in one way or another. We just have to accept the challenge and make sure our words and actions move us forward in a positive way rather than dwell on the things that weigh us down.

Yes – ordinary people doing selfless deeds and making a difference in the process. It’s the best we can do. And I’m certain it’s enough.