“Past performance is not indicative of future returns.” Hmmm. Though this is a business finance quote; I wonder… I actually think it is important to look at the past to inform the future. However, we do need to keep in mind not to overly dwell on it. That can be debilitating, and it is a trap parents and teachers should try to avoid.

My oldest son graduated college yesterday and that was the quote he put on his cap. Given the momentous day, I chose to dwell on hopeful future returns, and apparently, the theme rubbed off on Matthieu’s brothers. Marc said he wants to ramp up his course load in the fall; Max said he wants to go to college in town for a year to make sure he’s ready before he launches off (to Centenary), and Micah had the realization he really needs his medication to do well in school. He just popped downstairs unsolicited to take his pill after close to a year sabbatical. Did I mention it is Sunday, and there was no prompting?

I offer this – when it comes to human behavior, past performance is not indicative of future returns. The unpredictable role of maturity plays a huge part in the course of development. Be patient, parents and teachers. I believe the best we can do is pave the way, and then wait to see what path unfolds. For me, prayer and hope goes a long way. ConGRADUATIONs, Matthieu. I’m one proud daddy.

IMG_5363    Graduation Cap