So, the topic of conversation today seems to center on the idea of change – from the changing of weather (76 yesterday, 30 last night) to the changing of bad habits (New Year’s Resolutions are just around the corner.) Personally, I love change. In education, I think the way the holidays are designed, change is a safety valve for adults and children, alike.

As an educator, I am always excited for the winter break and as a parent, I am always excited when that break comes to end. Dont get me wrong; I love the time with my children – but I think breaks are healthy. I know for certain my children need a break from me. They need the perspective, feedback and relationships afforded by their teachers. They need to function outside of the expectations, roles and norms of our family. This is healthy.

The phrase It takes a village to raise a child, couldnt be more true. Research from the Search Institute identifies the importance of children and adolescents receiving support from three or more nonparent adults. This holiday season I am reminded of all the teachers and nonparent adults who help raise our boys. I am encouraged and thankful.

So when you get frustrated with your children or students, be patient. At times, we are so close to something, we just need a change in the routine to help us step back and see the situation more clearly. Be assured, this too, shall pass. Enjoy the winter break and the perspective shift it is sure to afford you.