Goofy kids can drive me nuts. This is especially true when the kids are masterfully disguised as teenagers. Last night I was the lone person at my house distributing candy to the neighborhood “children”. It was amazing to me how many teens dropped by. I was particularly alarmed when I heard “trick or treat” uttered by a lanky boy who had obviously stolen his voice from James Earl Jones.

One group of high school students drove up and parked, stopping by the house early. Being silly and a bit obnoxious, they walked through the yard and flower garden, cutting up, snorting, and laughing before requesting candy. I put on a good face and remained pleasant and positive, fighting the urge to criticize them for taking candy that should be reserved for the young and innocent. We chatted a bit before they went on their way.

Two hours later, right before I turned out the lights, the teens arrived back at their car, but ran up to our door first. I was just about to let them know I was out of candy and show my disgust when they said they just stopped back by to say “hi” and see if I had a fun night. They said I was nice and asked if I was a teacher. When I told them what I did, they asked me if I wanted some of their candy to pass out to the kinder kids. Hmmm… judgment averted. Funny how those goofy behaviors no longer seemed to bother me at that point, and the evening went from trick to treat in an instant.

P.S. – When I went inside I looked through some old Halloween pictures and found one of Matthieu from a few years ago. Yes, this is my oldest and most mature son, who we always described as a 40-year-old man trapped in a child’s body, dressed up as Goofy. As he has gotten older, he has lightened up, and I now find it ironic how his goofiness is one of his best attributes.