I openly admit it – though with age I am farsighted, when it comes to my kid’s behaviors, I suffer from nearsightedness. I have always dealt with the crisis of the moment, failing to look at long-term implications. When my boys were younger and got too silly or demonstrated behaviors I deemed as immature, I was quite intolerant. Only now I am I seeing the error of my ways.

Though it is the natural evolution of development, growing up is really over-rated. As adults, I believe we often overthink things, hold grudges, take sides, and unfortunately, have to deal with very complex issues, as evidenced by both our current political and societal landscape. Why would I want to rush my children to grow up? Innocence is a beautiful thing.

Speaking of growing up, Micah is doing well. The boy is employed, in the middle of completing an audio-engineering certification, adamant about wanting to go back to college, regularly working out and doing parkour, and dating someone. He seems happier than he has ever been. Yes – he’s maturing – probably in his late teen years (though he is physically 22.) Luckily, he is also retaining the beautiful silly boy qualities that drove me nuts when he was younger, as evidenced by the Hamburglar costume he and his girlfriend spent the day constructing. It is impressive – and reminds me to be more tolerant of children and teens, and the behaviors they invariably bring to the table.

Teachers and parents, beware. It is a festive holiday week. Expect a bit of crazy and an abundance of silly. Too soon our kiddos will grow up, so celebrate the joy inherent in the younger developmental stages while it lasts. Happy Halloween.