Sometimes our colleagues, family members and friends get very frustrated – with behavior, with people, with things “to do”… You know individuals who live in this world and it is not a pretty sight. It is easy to get sucked in to the negative Poor-Me-Grumble-Grumble mindset. The problem is this can be a very stagnant place to reside. It doesn’t move us to a better place or help us see much hope. [FYI – I am not talking about venting, which can be healthy as long as it is done in a purposeful, planned and short-lived manner.]
When people have made the life choice to grumble, we don’t have to confront them, although this can be a good thing to do at the right time and in a concerned way, but we also don’t have to stick around to give the grumblies an audience. Remember? Attention magnifies behavior. Walk away, keep the climate positive and surround yourself with individuals who are solution, rather than problem-focused. This will make our work and lives much happier – especially at this hectic time of year.