Harvey made quite a splash in our area this weekend. And his impact will be felt for some time to come. Did I mention I’m a hurricane geek? Glued to the Weather Channel? Yes, I want to be Jim Cantore when I grow up. Of course, having been raised in South Louisiana, I’ve witnessed many a hurricane. And once again, be it Katrina, Ike or Harvey, I’m reminded how individual responses to these tragedies restore my faith in humanity.

Lately, I’ve been saddened by the black cloud of tension sitting over our nation. But, this weekend, watching individuals offer help with high water rescues, shelter, and needed provisions, I’m encouraged. There’s tons of good out there on which to focus. I just need to keep my eye on it. Teachers, as you go back to school, my recommendation is for you to do the same. In education, there are tons of issues outside of your control on which you can obsess. Don’t do it. Focus on the good.

I, for one, will be focusing on our school’s touchstone or motto. And this weekend, with the response to Harvey, I’m seeing tons of evidence we are right on target. We want our students to use their Thinking Heads, Feeling Hearts and Helping Hands to make a difference in the world. Now what could be better than that?