My perspective is my reality, which at times, seems to cause problems. Of course, Im very good at seeing things my way. Ive had 50 years of practice doing so. Unfortunately, I forget the same holds true for others. Differing perspectives, without empathy or understanding, can breed hostility. Unfortunately, my family members, more so than others, have taught me this lesson.
You never listen. This is a favorite phrase of my kids. Micah once told me, When Im talking to you, you arent listening; you are thinking about what you are going to say next. Darn him, being right. I seem to live in my own trench of understanding, trying to drag individuals in. Unfortunately, we all have a tendency to do this, which is why we so often cant find common ground.
I have a few New Years resolutions for 2017, and am doing well on all but one: Start with the perspective of others, without consideration of my own, and then, fold in my understanding on top of that. Old habits of the mind die hard, and trying to move out of my egocentric belief system of I know best seems insurmountable. I need to stop trying to convince others to see things my way. My goal is to venture outside my trench this year, and I hope you will join me. It all starts with a single step.