When frustrated we often get hijacked by crazy. Emotional survival takes over and our reactions get the best of us. Parents, now that our children are ever-present during the summer months, don’t let the walls close in and cause you to lose perspective. Many of the behaviors testing your patience right now are probably somewhat insignificant in the grand scheme of things.


My wife and I spent this past week on a mission trip with two of our boys and the church youth choir in the Grand Canyon. This could have been a recipe for disaster 32 youth, 12 adults, long bus rides, manual labor you get the picture. However, I agree with the choir director that this group happens to be atypical. Relationships are strong and adults and teens alike were tolerant, understanding and flexible. It was an incredible week.


Parents, be patient with your children. We all do the best we are able given the skills at our disposal. Before you know it, fall will be here and the normal school schedule will resume. That change in routine will naturally lower tension levels . Your job right now is to step back and play the part of an eagle. My guess is that everything in the Grand Canyon looks small from the perspective of an eagle. Be the eagle. This too shall pass.


Grand Canyon