I’m not sure if the occurrence is as evident elsewhere, but at least in central Texas, the weather has been crazy. Temperatures jumping from highs to low, the sun shining one minute and torrential rains washing away our landscape the next. And from what I can tell, the extreme weather conditions are accompanying extreme behaviors, not which are limited to the school setting. Crazy is everywhere.
So, it’s a really good time for us to practice an important skill we teach children: resisting peer pressure, or put another way, using our own brains to make our own choices. When conflict arises, my hope is that children use a positive internal compass to guide their actions rather than looking toward others to take behavioral cues. This isn’t always easy. When individuals around us are stirring up crazy, it’s hard to resist assimilation and not get caught up in the hurricane of both emotions and inappropriate behaviors. However, if we want children to master this skill, we must model expected behaviors as adults.
In this time of crazy weather, turbulent politics, sensationalized drama, and extreme behaviors, step away and let your internal compass be your guide. Don’t jump into the tornado around you. Be the calm in the storm – the grounding force others look to for stabilization. As I have said on many occasions – be it in a school, family or community, I believe It only takes one person to change the climate. Be that person.