I love it when blog themes drop out of the sky at some point during the week. Quite often this happens for me on Sundays. Small Godly life lessons become clear just before I sit down to write, and today was no exception.

So, we have a new little kitten. She appeared on my oldest son’s doorstep just before Christmas, and since he and his wife are already at their pet limit, my second born drove a total of eight hours to pick her up and welcome her back to our home.

She’s cute, extremely talkative, has a voracious appetite, and looks fresh and unfettered by life’s crazy challenges. Looks, however, can be deceiving. It is only in picking up and petting on her that one discovers all the bumps, scrapes, and scratches hidden by the fur. We can only assume her first first few weeks of life had to have been hard.

Know anyone like that? Individuals who appear fine on the outside, but that have invisible internal scars that go deep?

I choose to think our sweet kitty is a reminder for me not to be so quick to judge others – because we don’t always know the back stories. And personally, I think a little bit of empathy and a whole lot of love go a long way in healing old wounds. Or at least that is the hope with our new little furry friend.

PS – We have yet to come up with a name for her, so please weigh in. We have a lot of considerations, but nothing seems just right yet. She reminds us of a little woodland creature (owl, mouse) with a mighty huntress spirit.