Parenting is hard. For some reason we tend to see all the flaws, mistakes, and problems of our children – and accordingly, our natural inclination is to “fix” them. Sadly, when we try to fix the problems, we miss out on the gifts they possess, as well as the teachable moments they afford us. When I take a break from teaching and fixing, I realize I have much to learn from my children.

My oldest child teaches me to lighten up and not sweat the small stuff. My second born teaches me patience. My third born teaches me to talk less and listen more. My youngest son reminds me of the importance of joy and wonder.

Although I believe it is important to create teachable moments with our children, I also think we need to let our kids be who they were created to be. Amazing – the more I slow down, listen, and observe, the more I realize that perhaps I need more fixing than do my children.