Did I mention how resilient kids are? I’m reminded of this daily at work. Young children can yell, throw things, shut down, and the next day (or five minutes later) it is as though nothing ever happened to upset them in the first place. I’ve discovered I’m the one that has a difficult time letting things go. I get frustrated and over-worked about things I can’t control and seem to walk around with a big giant black cloud over my head. And unfortunately, at times, I am the one spreading the rain throughout my whole household.

Behavior occurs in a relationship and too often I get upset because I want to change the behavior of other people. Of course, this is not an option. I know in reality, I need to make adjustments so as not to destroy relationships in an attempt to dictate outcomes and remain in control.

Last week I presented a daylong workshop on power struggles and stress management. I feel so at ease presenting on these subjects. I just wish I could do a better job putting the strategies into practice in my own life. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the movie, Frozen, but it seems to accurately describe my emotional state when I get worked up. My goal for this week, and recommendation to you, will be to follow Idina Menzel’s advice from the theme song and just “Let It Go”.