School’s out for summer. (Woo hoo!) “Step away”, I always say. Now is the time for educators to step away from school, paperwork, students, and administrative duties that often overwhelm and consume. Summer affords us the opportunity to take a break and gain perspective.   Disconnect – it is a beautiful thing.

Of course, the “yin” of disconnecting comes with the “yang” of reconnecting. The question is, “to what will we connect?” The choice is ours to make. More work? Family and friends? A good book? We only need to look at how we spend our time for this question to be answered. Unfortunately, some of us live in a perpetual state of looking toward the future, rather than living in the present. “I just need to … and then I’ll get to …” This is a dangerous habit, for when we focus on the future, the present passes us right by.

Carpe Diem. Live in the moment and make the most of your break, while you have it. I, for one, have been introduced to an all-consuming app called Design Home. My wife and I have been staying up late decorating virtual rooms and voting on the success of others efforts. This game, though all-consuming, has taken my focus off work, which needed to happen. Guessing I’m not alone on this one. Enjoy your summer – and feel free to borrow some furniture of mine, should you choose to jump in the Design Home craze.