It has been quite a week. As I type, my wife and I are on a plane headed home after spending a great couple of days in Cape May, New Jersey. This trip afforded us the opportunity to attend the annual lima bean festival, (Don’t judge.) as well as a murder mystery dinner. This is my third trip to Cape May, and each one has reinforced an important lesson. This year, I am reminded that most problems are merely inconveniences.

You see, the week started out with a funeral, squeezed in between presentations, all in different states. Weather delays got me home after midnight, flying out less than five hours later, several days in a row. Numerous flight attendants apologized for the delays. My response was consistent, “No big deal.” I’ll admit, the problems were ill-timed, and I’m afraid I would have reacted very differently years ago. However, age adjusts perspective.

This was the lesson reinforced to me by the young-at-heart members of the Cape May retirement community. They seem to take things in stride, laugh a lot, and not sweat the small stuff. What better advice could I give? Sometimes it just takes having dinner with a sweet elderly couple, while trying to determine “who dunnit” to put life’s little inconveniences into perspective.