Parents, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  You are going to get frustrated with your kids, but when that happens, find an activity you enjoy and step away.  I find this simple strategy allows us to stay out of power struggles, and more importantly, adjust our perspectives.  Personally, I like yard work.

I spent the morning gardening.  Specifically, I had to clean up one bed, overgrown with a purple-flowered perennial I planted there many years ago.  I remember being drawn to the flower because of how unusual it was.  At that time, I had no clue how challenging it would be to take care of. 

It’s never understood the concept of personal space.  It is invasive, constantly sending out runners and popping up everywhere.  And just when you think it’s settled down, it gets top heavy and spills over onto the paths so you can’t get by. You want to know the ironic part?  It’s called an obedient plant.  Ha! 

Some have suggested I dig it up and buy a new plant for the area.  Of course, I would never do that. The plant might be wild, occasionally disobedient, and difficult to contain, but I love it.  It’s beautiful, brings me great joy, and makes me smile.  Can you guess where I’m headed with this one? 

Let’s face it; parenting can be hard.  As much as we try to get our kids to bloom how and where they are planted, they often do so in different ways than we planned. And that is okay.  We might get frustrated with our kids on a day-to-day basis, but when all is said and done, the bottom line is we love them – and the joys of having them clearly outweigh all the challenges combined.