I believe I have weather whiplash. For the majority of the week our city was shut down due to about six inches of snow, off-and-on electricity, busted water pipes, and a 9 degree low. Fast forward to today and the high is 72. Welcome to San Antonio, Texas.

Though we are used to swings in the temperature, this is extreme even for us. The interesting observation I’m noting is that people don’t seem to be phased. After all we have experienced this past year, our “weather gone viral” experience is just one more passing freak show occurrence to add to the list. My wife wonders if locusts will be descending around Spring Break. Of course, we joke – for sanity’s sake.

I learned a lot about power grids this week. It seems when systems get overloaded they go into conservation mode, operating at bare minimum, with all energy and reserves going to the most critical areas. The main goal is to keep the system running. Hmmm. That got me to thinking… How’s your system holding up?

When our tanks are running low, we need to power up and look for energy. For some, that comes through relationships. Others dive into work or projects. Whatever the case, I encourage you to find the source that feeds your system and fuel up. I, for one, plan to take advantage of our spring weather and do some much-needed yard work.

PS – Thanks to folks in Nebraska, Houston and San Antonio who showed incredible flexibility this week with cancelled and postponed sessions. I’m sorry the electricity issue put a kink in our PD plans.