“The only person who likes change is a wet baby.” This quote from Mark Twain seems appropriate given the changes occurring at home as another school year ends. Parents, we’re lucky. Our kids have had nine months of consistency thanks to the hard work of many teachers. We just need to follow their leads and not blow it.

Although students are taking a break from the typical school schedule they’ve been following, they still need to have a predictable routine over the summer months. Our kids may want to stay in bed late, remain glued to their electronics, and grab food when the urge strikes – but we need to concentrate on giving them what they need:

• Consistent sleeping and waking times
• Limits on screen time
• Regular physical activity
• Home responsibilities (chores)
• Family talk and play time (“unplugged” family dinners)

You might be thinking, “My child is older. At what age does this information cease to be applicable?” If your child still lives with you, it applies. Bottom line – we all function better with routines, so keep your children on consistent ones over the summer. Not only will this make for happier households now, but transitions will be easier come August when kids jump right back into their school day routines once more.