To everything there is a season. Following in the great footsteps of Freddie the Leaf and the Velveteen Rabbit, Juan Pablo the Chameleon has moved on to a lusher rainforest in the sky. I attribute his passing to the natural cycle of life through which we all pass. Alas, I will remember him fondly.

Truth be told, in reality, Juan Pablo wasn’t the friendliest of pets. He could be downright nasty when he was hungry. He also had personal space issues and really detested it when humans invaded his territory. [He didn’t seem appreciative at all when the cleaning service (me) arrived to hose down his home on a regular basis.] Juan Pablo was also very set in his ways. He generally slept in the same place every night, accepted food in the same manner, and at times, reminded me of a cat – snubbing onlookers and opting not to acknowledge their presence.

Juan Pablo had issues, but then again, so do I. Set in my ways…nasty when hungry… like pet, like owner. When I think about Juan Pablo, I know I’ll remember the good, bad and ugly. I’m hoping he will do the same, as it is our differences that make us special. Sometimes when we are in the middle of things we can’t see or appreciate the unique or special qualities in others. Time and distance gives us perspective.

Juan Pablo earned a special place in my heart and in our garden, buried under our water fountain that serves as a gathering place for hummingbirds, squirrels and other greenbelt critters. Now I can’t help but smile every time I look at that fountain. Rest in peace, Juan Pablo.