Quite often the inspiration for my blog hits on Sunday mornings when I sit down to write. However this week the seed was planted early and continued to take root and grow. I was reminded how much our behaviors are influenced by our surroundings and habitual attitudes.

My wife and I spent a great three days at Niagara Falls this week. The landscape was amazing, the history was inspiring, and people from all over were friendly and good-natured. You could feel the collective positive energy the falls brought out in everyone.

Don’t get me wrong; there were obstacles, mostly resulting from the pandemic. The Canadian side of the falls was closed, most businesses shut their doors at 2:00 pm, and shuttles weren’t running during the work week. Happily, people didn’t focus on these things. Everyone seemed to want to have a good time. And so they did.

I’m a firm believer that what we seek, we find. When we look for the good, we usually see it, embrace it, and inadvertently spread it. Sadly, the opposite is true, as well. When we view something through a negative lens, we only see the flaws.

Strong evidence of this is rampant in politics – and has been for several administrations now. When was the last time any of us have assumed positive intent or acknowledged the good of opposing candidates? Sorry. I digressed – but needed to make the point.

Our perceptions cloud and create our realities – so I challenge you, personally and professionally, to look for good, look for the positive, and create the “glass-is-half-full” reality you hope will result. One way to do this is by compartmentalizing social media, rather than being consumed by it. Unfortunately, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can be breeding grounds for negative thought loops. So, step away and break the cycle.

Teachers, summer is a great time to create changes you want to stick once you return to work. So surround yourself with encouraging people now in an effort to develop positive thought and behavioral habits before school starts. As I’ve said before, attitudes and behaviors are contagious – so seek out the good, find it, and highlight it in a way that encourages it to spread.

Have a great week.