This weeks revelation – When we own the solution, we own the problem. Parents, give it up. Too often, in an attempt to help our children by guiding, encouraging, recommending and coercing, we end up carrying the burden of their problems. If we want our children to become more independent, we have to take a step back.
I’m sure this does not come as new news to those who know me well, but I regularly intervene when my children have problems. Of course, I see it as providing support, but there is definitely something wrong when I obsess over my childrens issues more than they do. Although this is normal to a certain extent, we should do this less as our children get older.
Critical life lessons are learned through trial and error. Parents, let this process unfold without continual interference. Rather than guiding conversations and providing recommendations, keep lines of communication open and follow your childs lead. Things may not turn out the way we plan, but ultimately, it is not our life, so perhaps this is for the best.