Our lives need a balance of ritual and novelty. Rituals are important for comfort, safety, and a sense of routine or predictability. Novelty stimulates, invigorates and is just fun. Aren’t we lucky summer provides the opportunity for both needs to be met? Teachers need the ritual aspects of summer to re-charge, re-energize and just plain “step away” from the craziness and joy of education. Summers also provide the novelty of a break in our normal school routine.

Parents need both the ritual and novelty aspects of summer to reconnect with our children through annual vacations and other fun activities. Too often, however, we get so caught up in our daily work routine, parents forget to purposefully carve out family time. [Then, we say, “Where did the time go? They grew up so fast!”] Parents, let this summer remind you of the importance of keeping balance in your lives. Carve out time to spend with your children. Connect, talk, play and be present. If we really think about our priorities, it is hard to argue that anything is more important than that.

Enjoy the summer. Enjoy the break. Enjoy family and friends. All too quickly we will be back into the fall routine of school, and thus, begin the cycle again.