Sometimes even superheroes need a break – which is why it’s good that June has arrived.  Congratulations, teachers.  You’ve made it through another school year.  Like most teachers, I love my job, but am always excited when summer dawns. Periodically, our brains need to power down a bit and heal.  This is the case for us all, teachers and parents alike.

Last week, I spoke with a dad who told me his wife had decided to stay at home with their young children and not work for a few years.  He said she was going stir-crazy.  My advice to him?  Give her a break.  We can’t be at our best when we are always “on”.  We need to be able to shift our mental energy and plug into different types of brain cells, allowing original ones to breathe a bit.

My school year ended on Friday, so my “with kids” brain cells are resting while my “with adults” ones have a chance to be activated.  I now have twelve presentations scheduled over the next three weeks prior to my “with family and friends” time.  I am thankful for, and welcome, each of these breaks.

Whether you are a teacher or parent, I highly recommend you find ways to activate different brain regions and take breaks.  Sustained attention and energy is a great thing – only up to a point.  No matter how much you enjoy doing what you are doing, there really is too much of a good thing.  Step away.  Breathe. Recharge.  Your superpowers depend on it.