Dads, today I celebrate you as teachers. In fact, I believe it is one of your most important roles. Fathers are always teaching, mostly by example, and most of the time without even knowing they are doing so. In this regard, I have seen some masterful work. I have seen dads indirectly teach children patience, emotional self-control, humility, determination, and gentleness, all through modeled behaviors. Many moms teach these same qualities, but do so in a very different way – not better or worse, just different. The dynamic of the father-son and father-daughter relationship is unique.

Although all fathers are teachers, special kudos go out to all male educators, who have chosen to step into the role of surrogate father for so many kiddos needing this role in their lives. Not only do you teach academic… and social …and emotional skills, but also you model the critical importance of education. This, of course, is huge.

Dads and male educators, if you ever question the importance of your role, look over the list of life lessons father figures passed on to their children, as posted by individuals on my Facebook page: Determination – Perseverance – Generosity – Faithfulness – Integrity – Friendliness – Reliability – Common Sense – Patience – Strength – Compassion – Resilience – Work Ethic – Love – The value of a hard day’s work – Commitment – Responsibility – Confidence – Accountability – Courage – Resourcefulness