When a teacher becomes a mom, she is forever changed. Being a teacher-mom is a beautiful gift in that she plays the dual role of seeing her students through the eyes of parent and teacher. As with any change in perspective, this does not mean she accepts things like poor behavior or disorganization, but by seeing the students through different eyes, she automatically approach things differently.

Moms want their child’s teacher to see the best in him or her, to be patient, and to nurture his or her unique gifts. I believe that without even trying, teacher-moms do this the best.

Did I mention the combination is not always easy? This is especially the case when teacher-moms have to take off their teaching hats and talk with their own child’s teacher. I need not elaborate on this point.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, especially to the teacher-moms who make the world a better place, each day when they walk into their classrooms.