This week I was reminded of a former student. He had significant behavior issues. Every day he told us how much he hated school, how he didn’t like us, and how he wanted to be somewhere else. Yet oddly enough, when the end of the day arrived, we couldn’t get him to leave the building to board the bus home.

It was at a meeting for this child that I got some insight into his world. He had a long history of moving from place-to-place, school-to-school, with frequently changing caregivers and teachers. I don’t believe he ever experienced what it was like to be settled. This child was craving structure and routine.

I distinctly remember the last day of that school year. Though he said otherwise, his behaviors of staying right by our side, procrastinating in packing up, and being the very last person to board the bus told us he really didn’t want to leave. I believe to some degree he felt settled in our class.

Teachers, even with all the changes this pandemic has brought on in the schools, know that to some degree your students have settled in. But with summer approaching, things will soon change – and the anticipation of that change will impact kid’s behaviors. So, be patient, be understanding, and know that your students, like adults, are coping the best way they know how.