Though some schools are already back in session, for others it’s the final countdown until the 2021-2022 year begins.  Remember what it was like purchasing school supplies?  buying new clothes?  finding out who your teachers and classmates would be?  With this tradition students experience a whole host of emotions – anticipation, excitement, anxiety.  Sound familiar?  Yep.  For the most part, teachers experience the same.  There are, however, key differences.

Adults have a lot of experience channeling all these feelings into acceptable [or at least tolerable] behaviors.  The novelty of the start of school has become a strong ritual to which teachers are accustomed.  This is not so much the case for our students, especially for the younger ones.  Novelty escalates behaviors, so we need to be prepared for a potentially wild ride.

Teachers, be patient – with your students, parents, and colleagues.  Keep in mind that your initial interactions with others have a strong impact on later ones.  You only get one start-of-school experience each fall.  Do all that you are able to make yours a great one.