If time flies when youre having fun, then it is reasonable to believe time virtually stands still when dealing with the difficult behaviors of others. At moments like these, I try to remember, There, for the grace of God, go I. For I know, I too, have exhibited inappropriate behaviors at different stages of my life.

Any parent can tell you about behavioral stages. Some, like the terrible twos, are short-lived. Others, like the tween and teen years, can stick around for what seems like an eternity. These behavioral periods can wreak havoc and damage relationships if adults lose perspective and get caught in power struggles. The key is to remember behaviors have a way of settling out as we age.

This is good news for my family since I will hit my mid-century mark this Wednesday. Hopefully, my challenging behaviors will continue to settle out. My plan is to do a better job of focusing on my own issues rather than trying to change the behavior of others. Yep, time flies when youre having fun. So whatever the case, I hope I enjoy the ride, all the same.