“Do you have any kids?” I once asked a colleague. “Absolutely. I have a classroom full of ‘em,” was the response. I laughed and walked away, but that thought stuck with me. Let’s face it – some of the best mothers in our lives weren’t our mothers, in the biological sense, at all. A surrogate mother is a person who takes on all or part of the role of a mother. That sure sounds like several educators I know.

Over the past two months of virtual education, I have talked with countless teachers who have uttered some variation of the same phrase to me – “Dan, I’m really worried about my kids.”  Of course, they were talking about their students. In response, I listened, encouraged, and offered some of the same thoughts I usually have for parents. 

And as long as we are on this topic – I believe some of the best teachers in our lives didn’t have teaching degrees. The point? There are a whole host of individuals who do not get the credit they deserve.

Mothers nurture, support, teach, encourage and love. I’m guessing you know  individuals who might not have the traditional “mother” label, but fit in this category. I do. And today I plan to reach out, tell them how I feel they are making a difference in the lives of their “kids”, and wish them a very happy Mother’s Day.

God bless all our mothers.