So, this seemed to be a week of mom support. Individually, I met with about four to five mothers, all frustrated and confused as to why their teenage child has been possessed by some demonic force. Each of the households had black clouds overhead with similar behavior patterns arguing, non-compliance and heightened levels of frustration.

In each of the conferences we had to deal with two factors: teen issues and mom issues. The teens seemed to be struggling with opposing needs of dependence and independence, cycling through periods when they needed their parent and when they needed to be left alone. The moms were dealing with the same issue, but this dance between parent and child seemed to be much harder for them to navigate than their child.

What were the take-aways?
– Teenage angsts is normal.
– It can be hard when your child shuns activities you have always done together.
– It can be painful when your child would rather talk with a friend rather than you.
– You feel a sense of loss when your child goes off to college.
– And yes, they still love you.

Crazy behaviors are normal in adolescence. You may not enjoy the teenage ride, but as long as you stay sane and don’t damage the relationship, the turbulence will die down and your child will return to being the relatively normal individual you remember from yesteryear.