Stop being such a worrywart. Seriously. Though I don’t have the research to back it up, I hear over 85% of the things we worry about never come to pass. And I’d venture to say most of that 85% are things over which we have no control. So, the question is – on what do you focus? Too often, I obsess over the negative aspects of my life outside my sphere of influence. This habit really doesn’t help my stress level.

This week I arrived in El Paso to discover I forgot to book a rental car and there were none available. I then discovered the Hampton Inn I booked was not the one close to the airport. No, this one was 45 minutes away. When I called the hotel to tell them to plan on my late arrival, they told me not to call a cab, as they would send someone out to get me. The next morning I got up super early to get a cab to the venue, but to my great surprise, the Hampton Inn shuttle man appeared with a big smile and ride to the school where I was presenting, though it was 30 minutes away and nowhere near the airport. I love people whose mammas raised ’em right.

The lesson? I took a page out of my wife’s book and didn’t focus on the obstacles. And trust me, as I was the lone person left in the airport when the last rental car agent turned out the lights, I came close to purchasing a first class ticket to the dark side. At that point, I realized what will be, will be- and my fixation on the woulda-shoulda-couldas would only exacerbate my negativity. Do your best to see the positives – in people, in places, in crisis situations- as I believe what we look for, we often find. I’m not saying ignore your problems, but don’t dwell. Go to your happy place and make it a great week.