It’s summer, which means it’s time to engage in my annual “clean, sort and pitch” ritual.  It’s amazing how much stuff can pile up over time.  The fear of becoming a hoarder regularly motivates me to purge.  Of course, it’s hard for me to get rid of stuff without some reflection.

I realized it’s been over 18 years since I worked at our regional Education Service Center.  While there, I had the great fortune of working with amazing people on some incredible projects, evidence of which I found on the bottom shelf of my professional development library when I retired.  Tons of memories flooded back as I looked through old Behavior Institute binders my colleagues and I had organized.

As much as I was filled with pride as I glanced through them, I also cringed.  When I read through the content of my sessions, I realized how much my own mindset has changed over the years.  With each page I turned I was able to see a healthy evolution of my thoughts and practices.  Though I was tempted to hold on to those resources, what they represented reminded me of the importance of letting them go.

As the pandemic has so painfully pointed out to us, the world around us evolves and changes, whether we like it or not.  As this happens, it is important for us to be open to adapting accordingly.  Change can be hard, but I’m convinced that remaining fixed in our perspectives and practices is much harder in the long run. 

Having a growth mindset means being open to change.  I hope this summer you take some time to reflect on your own evolution of thought and practice – and be intentional about looking for ways to make positive changes on your journey towards becoming your best self.  I, for one, am enjoying the ride.